Professional Reinsurance from the very Beginning

Founded in 1873, König & Reeker has accompanied the entire development of professional reinsurance from the very beginning. 140 years of experience, commitment and reliability have served generations of reinsurance buyers to assess exposures, to structure efficient and sustainable reinsurance solutions and place them securely with select reinsurance markets.

Independent Intermediaries, Consultants and Service Providers

Owned by its executive partners, König & Reeker is a fully independent intermediary of reinsurance and corporate insurances. Competence, creativity to structure advanced solutions, unconditional reliability and a passionate client service are our characteristics. Our client managers are experienced underwriters from all classes of insurance, senior reinsurance managers, actuaries and specialists in accountancy, controlling and reinsurance law. Our team is supported by a wide-spread network of co-operations with recognised experts in specific professional and science disciplines.

Global Access to Risk Carrier

Our world-wide business relations to risk carriers from insurance, reinsurance and capital markets provide comprehensive access to risk capacity in all forms and for all purposes of risk transfer.


Proprietary Data Banks and Tools for Risk Modelling

Our data banks provide actual and sound information on all developments in insurance, reinsurance and risk transfer to capital markets. We have available all industry-standard as well as proprietary instruments and modelling tools for actuarial risk analysis and exposure evaluation as well as for the optimization and performance control of reinsurance- and corporate insurance programmes.

Software Development

We develop and offer specialty software to support insurers, reinsurers and corporate risk managers.