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Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and experience, König & Reeker will assist you in obtaining the best risk transfer solution in several specialty areas of business.



The consequences of hacker attacks include damage to IT infrastructure as well as the possible loss of sensitive data and intangible property. This not only leads to significant losses for the companies affected but can also result in high six-figure insurance claims for those losses.


Due to complex organisational and technical interdependencies, cyber risk has developed into one of the biggest new risk areas of the 21st century. Coverage concepts, portfolio development, and the extent of covered damages including reputation loss are subject to constant change. König & Reeker utilises the most current information available in order to craft tailor-made product solutions for insurance and reinsurance that provide you with optimal coverage for current and future developments.


Through risk mitigation, cyber risks can be transferred to the reinsurance market and thus contribute to efficient risk management. In addition to the creation and implementation of reinsurance concepts, the services of our broker team also include:


  • Consultation regarding specific coverage requirements
  • Consultation regarding the development of coverage concepts
  • incorporation of subject matter experts
  • Creation and implementation of insurance concepts for insurance companies

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