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Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and experience, König & Reeker will assist you in obtaining the best risk transfer solution in several specialty areas of business.



The challenges facing modern risk management, particularly in quantifying and monitoring risks, are becoming increasingly demanding. This is due to, among other things, climate change, rising insurance sums, greater accumulation risks and the effects of an increasing number of extreme weather events.


Based on historical losses, current exposure data, and our extensive experience, we are able to accurately evaluate natural hazard covers and place them at a price that is close to the expected losses.


For natural hazard risks having a very low probability of occurrence paired with very high losses, we work together with an experienced business partner in order to achieve a holistic view of your catastrophe risk. This allows your company's own risk management department to be better prepared for the financial impact of natural hazards before they occur. Our reinsurance solutions for complex natural catastrophe covers are based on scientific and practical considerations and are brokered to suitable risk carriers in the international market for catastrophe risks.

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